Due to COVID-19 we have temporary different prices for some products:

Try out card
Normal €10,00
Temporary COVID-19 price FREE

Unlimited card:
Normal €65, 00 -> stays the same.

10 classes card:
Normal €120,00
Temporary COVID-19 price €100,00

5 classes card:
Normal €55,00
Temporary COVID-19 price €50,00

Single class card:
Normal €15,00
Temporary COVID-19 €10,00


You can buy the single lessons and / or class cards here in the online shop!

Try out and 1-on-1 sessions:
You can register through the Contact form and mention when and which class you want to try out once or if you’re interested in booking a 1-on-1 session and for the latter we get in touch with you!

Single lessons and class cards:
You can purchase them in the shop.