Conscious Strength

Behind Conscious Strength is Vera Taihuttu, first and foremost co-parenting boy mom with an job in IT.

Turning struggle into strength
Second a domestic violence survivor. Which led to a self destructing lifestyle. Until rock bottom hit. Due to being evicted, personal bankruptcy and depression.  She crawled out that pit and started working on her bad habits and mindset.
Until her son was born, working on or with the body was met with an huge resistance. Plus was seen as a necessity as in something enjoyable.

The ZUU fitness
After his birth she found herself having a chronic pelvic floor issue. In order to cope and deal with this she found out that body movement was key. After a long search she found The ZUU fitness. A combination of an High Intense and Low Impact training (HILI). To keep her healthy and improving her physique.  This new passion improves her quality of life.

Driven to walk to the talk and to be the best example for her son, she’s inspired to pass on this knowledge to anyone who’s interested and hope you’ll join her in The ZUU trainings.

She’s a registered Th ZUU affiliate and certified to run the ZUU classes.

Knowledge and skills:

Personal Trainer – CHIVO
Currently doing Personal Trainer certification according CHIVO ( Jan 2019)
– Functional training module: achieved
– Health coach: working on

Affiliated, registered and certified The ZUU Bronze and Silver trainer.


Certified level 1 trainer

Certified Mindful-based Cognitive therapist

Other skills
Awareness training
Non-violent communication

BIO Jimmy Veldwijk – Coming soon!