Do you run into certain inconveniences or obstacles in your daily life
And would you like to reflect on that? If so, read on…


Through “Power-of-the-difference maps” I offer you a moment of self-reflection to explore or discover which layers are yours and where your power sources or potential energy guzzlers are.

Each layer has its own story. It’s up to you which layer you want to explore. The cards make this visible and therefore tangible and with that you discover the large amount of possibilities within yourself.

This session gives you the space to slow down, to discover, to observe. It gives you the space to analyze your reactions, feelings or thoughts about these layers.

In other words: Provide space for self-observation, whereby the cards function as a mirror.

“kickstart your process to become more aware” – Vera Taihuttu

What does a self-reflection session look like?

First you will receive a short explanation of the cards
Then choose the cards that appeal to you at that moment
With the chosen cards we start with self-reflection, where I guide you through the process.
We end with a short evaluation of the session.


1 hour


You will discover essential parts of yourself that in turn can be the foundation to continue your journey of personal development.
You have made a start for a foundation aimed at awareness / awareness. You will get an introduction to self-observation; self-reflection


Individual: 65 euros for 1 hour + free intake beforehand, by phone or online if in person is not possible.

Group: Price on request due to customization

Questions or want to plan an intake?

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