self-awareness as view


To show empathy to  others means being able to show empathy to yourself first.

  • Tired of reacting to the other person?
  • Do you want to understand yourself or someone else better?
  • Do you want to experience how powerful difference can be?

If so, read on…


You receive the opportunity to reflect via Bureau Vie, Power-of-the-difference method, also known as Diversity Cards.

This can be in an indvidual setting or in a group. 

Where you explore  or discover which layers are on the surface or more hidden. Each layer has it’s own story.  
It’s up to you which layer you want to explore and share. This method make this for you visible and therefore tangible.

A self-reflection training gives you the space to slow down, to discover, to observe.
A space to observe and analyze your reactions, feelings or thoughts regarding these layers.

Thus what it does to you and/or the other.


  • You’ll discover essential parts of yourself and/or the other. These parts, in turn, can be the foundation to continue your journey of personal development.
  • You’ve made a start for a foundation aimed at awareness / awareness.
  • – You’ll get an introduction to self-observation; self-reflection Which in turn forms (more) understanding for yourself/and the other.


  • Individual: 65 euro / hour
  • Group: On request because of tailor made training.
  • For both: Free intake in advance, by telephone or online if in person is not possible.

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