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Tytanbelt review

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I got myself a new toy!

A Tytanbelt!

What is it?

The word toy doesn’t do it justice. It is a resistance harness. To quote from the website:

TYTAN Belt is the ultimate resistance trainer. Attachment points are located in different areas on our product allowing you to perform endless exercises and workouts.

It’s perfect for toning and building lean muscle. As soon as you clip the resistance bands across your legs the muscle activation is immediate burning through massive amounts of calories just walking wearing the TYTAN BELT.

Why did I get one?

Several reasons.

  • To level up my workout.
  • It allows me to do a workout from home instead of going to a gym. Because time is precious for a working co-parenting mom.
  • Further I can incorporate ZUU movements with the Tytanbelt

First try

Enough chit chat, the first run was awesome. Because of the instant muscle activation in all direction.

I’ll let the video snippets speak for itself. More to come!

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