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Connecting people

Unfortunately did’t film or shoot a photo but just wanted to share this:

Substituted last eve at Amsterdam Windsurfing Club for a their Indoor wintertraining. Tight mixed group, all level, all ages but open to try new stuff. For the Silver peeps: “Liquid”?

Got nice feedback from their chair after the ZUU workout:

In Dutch:

“Het was precies goed! Het was leuk, intens, groepsgevoelvergrotend (als dat een woord is ?). Super!”


“Exact good! Fun, intens, group-feeling-increasing (is this even a word?). Super!”

It feels so good when you see people connecting together while they workout together.

The ZUU fitness is a great tool for that.



❤?? Vera

PS: Wanna try out? Feel free to send me a message to join a class for free.

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