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Summer schedule

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Summer holiday

School summer holiday just started, I promised my son not to have obligations when he’s home for those 3 weeks, so I’m taking a break of ZUU classes during his holiday with me and spend some quality time together before he leaves to his dad.

ZUU classes

ZUU classes will be back from Friday the 15th of August.

ART Boxing

ART Boxing classes will on the other hand continue in the summer.
Every Saturday
2:00 – 3:30 PM
Legendary Sports, A. Staalmanplein 2, Amsterdam

If you want to try for free, just send a message through the Contact form, click here.


For the regulars from ZUU class, to make sure you get your ZUU fix, just jump to the Facebouk group, I’ll post regularly some ZUU workouts.
Click here for the group.

For now, enjoy the summer!! Cheers, Vera

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